– Your Chair will be Hibah Virk –

Hello! My name is Hibah Virk, and I am a Second-Year Student here at Rhodes College. Looking back at high school, I distinctly remember all my Model UN conferences because I used to look forward to them so much. The idea of getting to spend a whole weekend with some of my most intelligent and passionate peers and getting to debate with them was truly amazing. Beyond that, just getting to spend time with friends made Model UN so worthwhile. In high school, I served as the General Assembly Liaison my junior year, and as General Assembly Vice President my senior year. For me, Model UN was a stress reliever, a hobby, and something I really treasured, and I hope you all will feel the same way after this conference! I look forward to working with you all.

– Your CoChair will be Maria Popescu –

Maria Popescu is in the graduating class of 2020 at Rhodes College.  She is on a Pre-Vet track with an intended major in Biology and Environmental Sciences.  Her ideal career would be working as a wildlife veterinarian for an African Wildlife Conservation Program.  In her spare time, Maria likes to volunteer at the Memphis Zoo, shadow doctors at various vet clinics, paint, hike, play the piano, and read.


Obesity’s Prevalence in Developing Countries and Developed Countries

The Risks & Benefits of Swine Flu Vaccination

The Issue of Agricultural Antibiotics


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