UN Women


– Your Chair will be Mariam Khayata –

A freshman at Rhodes College, Mariam Khayata is pursuing a Political Science and International Studies degree. She is the comunications director and sectetary of 901 Ummah, a local nonprofit organization that aims to foster a productive Muslim community that reaches across the city of Memphis to inspire, create, and empower. Mariam is additionally the founder and president of a nonpartisan local organization, MOVE Politics, the Muslim Organization of Voice and Engagement, which encourages Muslim American youth to become politically engaged and aware, as opposed to being apathetic about the vital political, economic, and social issues of the 21st century. She’s passionate about encouraging her friends along with the greater Muslim community to vote and become politically active citizens.


– Your CoChair will be Olivia Ribble –


Olivia Ribble is a Sophomore at Rhodes College studying Political Science and Sociology. Olivia is from San Antonio, Texas where she was heavily involved in Model United Nations San Antonio all four years of high school. She can’t wait to get involved in MSMUN and looks forward to meeting everyone!


Healthcare in Latin America

Sex trafficking in central/Eastern Europe

Equal pay in South-Eastern Asia

Delegates can find more information about UN Women here

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