UN Security Council


– Your Chair will be Aemal Nafis –

Aemal Nafis is a junior from Madison, MS. This will be her third year participating in MSMUN, her third year in UNSC, and her second year as chair of UNSC. She is majoring in International Studies, with a minor in Religious Studies. On campus, she is on the board of the Muslim Student Association; RedX; Honor Council; and MIFA, an interfaith volunteer organization. Her favorite snapchat filter is the bee filter.

– Your CoChair will be Murad Laradji –


Murad Laradji is a freshman at Tulane University studying Economic Development and International relations. He has been involved in Model UN for the last four years and was an officer on the White Station Model UN Team for three. During his time in Model UN, Murad has focused on crisis committees with specialities being Security Council and Corporations. He intends to do everything in his power to make this year’s Security Council as amazing and surprising as he can!

– Your Crisis Staff Member will be Karim Garcia –

Hey y’all! My name is Karim (Pronounced Car-Rims, like the rims of cars) and I’m from Mobile, AL. I’ve been doing Model UN for the past four years now and I’m so glad I can continue it throughout college! At Rhodes College, I’m a double major in Economics and International Relations and I’m also a Bonner Scholar!


Niger Delta Oil Crisis

Syrian Conflict


Click Here for the Background Guide on Niger Delta Oil Crisis

Due to the evolving nature of the Syrian Conflict, the Background Guide will be released at a later date. Thank you for your patience.

Delegates can find more information about the Security Council of the United Nations here.

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