– Your Topic will be Announced 24 January 2019 –

– Your Chair will be Mary Cat Cleavinger –

Mary Cat is a Senior at Rhodes from Columbia, Missouri. She studies International Relations & Political Science with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Last semester, Mary Cat was awarded the prestegious Buckman Fellowship for International Study and traveled to Tunisia, where she researched state building & immigration, especially regarding female involvement in politics. We are so happy to have her back on campus and on staff!

– Your Co-Chair will be Joon Hwang  –

Joon is a Sophomore at Rhodes studying international relations & political demography. He has lived in and attended MUN conferences in Cambodia and Thailand, and would like to add more countries to the list! This summer, Joon will be traveling to Hong Kong through the Buckman International Summer Internship and work in a political demography-related nonprofit.

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