– Your Chair will be Keeley Frost –

20 years old and still yet to peak, Keeley Frost has been dominating Model UN since she was a freshman in high school. Initially she joined because of the free trips to different colleges in the northeast (she even went to Montreal where she made some Canadian friends and snuck into a club when she was only 17) and ended up enjoying it so much she took the class in college. She ended up loving that so much she wanted to experience role reversal and volunteered to be a cochair for MSMUN. When not trying to start wars with other committees, she somehow moved her way up to chair. She is qualified for DPI because of her studies in marketing which she will complete in May (pending) and photography. She was a camper photographer and studied photo in Florence (Italy, follow her photography @frost_keeley). She is pumped for her last conference and know it will be one of the best.

Delegates can find more information about the Department of Public Information here.